Uugh, the struggle is real…


So, it’s almost been a year since my last post.   How sad. For writing and fitness to be two true passions of mine, laziness always rears its ugly head.  Well, I don’t give up that easily and I’m back to continue what I started.  Usually the saying is finish what is started, but I’m no where near finished yet.  My goal is to always be honest with myself and readers to document my experiences and hopefully make them relatable to yours. Here it goes.  I’ve gained more weight in the last few months than I care to share.  I’m working on it, but this time it seems so hard.  Life can often get in the way of goals, but I refuse to give up.  Sugar is my arch nemesis.  My taste buds can’t get enough, but lately my body has been rejecting it.  Oh, and I’ve met someone who I truly love and care about and that in and of itself is motivation to be better, even though he loves me exactly the way  I am.  Well, you’re all caught up and as a woman of my word, we won’t  have to do these catch up sessions because I’ll be posting regularly again.  Ta Ta for now 🙂 More to come.

Be blessed,


Founder of GetUpGetFit


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